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Simulation Facilitation and Debriefing

Night Sky

Module 1

Introduction to Simulation

Module 2

Concept Phase

Abstract Linear Background_edited.jpg

Module 3

Designing the Simulation

Sphere ob Spiral Stairs_edited.jpg

Module 4


Modern Architecture_edited.jpg

Module 5

The Simulation Experience

Plasma ball_edited.jpg

Module 6


Module 7


Abstract Futuristic Background

Module 8


a tree on a hill with a city in the background_edited.jpg

Module 9

Debriefing Application

a purple and pink background with a wavy design_edited.jpg

Module  10

Accreditation Overview

Module 11

Creation Phase/Facilitation (Practicum)  

Module 12

Simulation Compliance and Improvement (Practicum) 


Module 13

Debriefing Observation (Practicum) 

Abstract Futuristic Background

Module 14, 15, & 16

Debriefing and Facilitation (Practicum) 

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