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Introduction to Simulation – Faculty Development 

Instructor: Lisa Clemens DMSc, MS, PA-C


Date/Time: January 9th 2023, 9am-11am 

Acknowledgments: I’d like to thank my colleagues at the Parkview Mirro Advanced Medical Simulation Lab for mentoring me throughout my journey to become a simulationist, and for constantly elevating the standard of high-quality simulation for our learners. I’m thankful to have been introduced to the coolest job that I never knew existed 

Prework: Please watch the following video PRIOR to your in person session! 

After Completion of quiz, you will attend a live session, below is the schedule for live session

Live Session Schedule: 

  • Brief slide review (15 minutes) 

  • Knowledge application activities (90 minutes) 

    • Based on the objectives, use learning theories to suggest a simulation-based activity for the learners 

      • Participants will be split into groups for this think-pair-share style activity 

    • Case studies – give examples of simulation-based education examples. Ask the learners to identify issues with cognitive load, psychological safety, etc. 

      • Participants will be split into groups for the case study activity 

    • Mock sim session 

      • Participants will complete the mock simulation scenario and debriefing session in groups of 6 

  • Closing Q & A (15 minutes) 

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